Choosing your Wedding Photographer

Choosing your wedding photographer is probably one of the most important decisions you’ll make next to your wedding date and venue.

Unfortunately your wedding day is just that – one day, but fortunately if you find the right photographer those memories will last a lifetime, capturing and preserving the décor, emotions and everything in between that made that day so special.

When it comes to professional photography, portfolios are key in doing research and essentially are the first steps in the process. There are so many wedding photographers out there and finding the right one to capture the memories you want is everything. The hard truth is that photographers usually book gigs about a year in advance so finding a photographer sooner than later is essential. I highly suggest asking for recommendations from your wedding planner, and even venue manager as they build preferred and favoured contacts in the industry.

Once you have narrowed down your options and chosen a list of your “favourites” it’s time to take a defined look into their services and start eliminating those who don’t meet your needs, style and tone. Obviously budget is a key factor in the elimination process but it is also important to keep in mind those photographers that will meet your specific needs. Are you looking for traditional photography or are you interested in a more playful, free-spirited theme? An experienced, talented photographer will listen to your needs, wants and vision and be able to identify and articulate it flawlessly.

After you have narrowed down your list to a few key photographers it is absolutely essential that you sit down with them and make sure that you and your fiancé can build a relationship with them, not only on a professional level, but a personal one as well. This photographer will be there with you for the majority of your wedding day and you have to be confident that you can not only trust them but also ultimately have fun with them. I have worked with a handful of wedding photographers during my internship with Love by Lynzie and I can always tell those who are just there as another job versus those that are deeply passionate about connecting with the couple and their guests. Listen carefully when you are meeting; do you feel like you are being sold, or are they providing genuine and intriguing responses to your questions, ideas and concerns?

Once you have found “the one” it is important to review and discuss the contract being upheld. While you want to book your photographer immediately make sure you read over all the details before officially signing. Such topics that should be outlined are; should you expect an assistant alongside your photographer, what parts of your wedding day will be covered and how many hours will be available to you as well as the specific type of photographs you want (style, tone etc).

In my experience I have worked alongside two photographers that I feel are among the best; Scarlet O’neill and Jennifer Van Son. These photographers are truly a delight to work with. They are professional, personable and connect extremely well with clients, guests and vendors. They have years of experience and stunning portfolios that speak for themselves. Below I have provided a link to their websites and Instagram handles. I highly suggest if you are in search for a photographer to check these ladies out immediately!


Scarlet O’neill

Website: Scarlet O’neill Photography // Instagram: @scarletoneill

Jennifer Van Son

Website: Jennifer Van Son Photography // Instagram: @jennifervansonphoto




Bougs, Beads & Bricks – The Love by Lynzie Palm Springs Shoot //

Over the past two months during my internship with Love by Lynzie I had the pleasure of helping coordinate, plan and execute a wedding editorial photo shoot in Palm Springs, CA. Lynzie has always loved Palm Springs and exposing her business into the Southern California market was a no brainer as some of the biggest and most talented industry leaders reside here.

The name we titled the shoot was “Bougs, Beads and Bricks”. During the initial planning stages that title got thrown around a lot when discussing inspirations and overall vibes of the shoot, and from there it kind of just took off! Bougainvillea was the main inspiration for this shoot, alongside that we wanted a very colourful palette, unstructured florals, a retro bead backdrop curtain and colourful bricks for styling purposes.

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