Bougs, Beads & Bricks – The Love by Lynzie Palm Springs Shoot //

Over the past two months during my internship with Love by Lynzie I had the pleasure of helping coordinate, plan and execute a wedding editorial photo shoot in Palm Springs, CA. Lynzie has always loved Palm Springs and exposing her business into the Southern California market was a no brainer as some of the biggest and most talented industry leaders reside here.

The name we titled the shoot was “Bougs, Beads and Bricks”. During the initial planning stages that title got thrown around a lot when discussing inspirations and overall vibes of the shoot, and from there it kind of just took off! Bougainvillea was the main inspiration for this shoot, alongside that we wanted a very colourful palette, unstructured florals, a retro bead backdrop curtain and colourful bricks for styling purposes.

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