“Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.” Dorothy Parker

Hey guys, I’m Jess and thank you so much for stopping by. I’m super excited to get the opportunity to share with you everything that inspires me. Here is a little bit about myself, my journey and what Romance & Lace means to me…

Photography Credit: Scarlet O’neill

In 2010 I attended Humber College where I earned my Diploma in Fashion Arts. From there I went on to earn my Post-Graduate Certificate in Event Marketing and most recently I just completed my 15-week online course in Wedding Planning. I absolutely love everything about the wedding industry, especially the creativity involved in it. Over the past two years I have become deeply immersed in the wedding industry with several internships and opportunities. I decided to start Romance & Lace a little over a month ago simply as a hobby. I knew next to nothing about the logistics behind blogging, but the idea fascinated me as I have always found myself investing several days and hours mulling through other wedding, lifestyle and fashion blogs. The idea of having a creative outlet charged by a passion seemed thrilling, engaging, and challenging.

This blog will touch upon everything weddings, lifestyle and fashion and I’m eager to have you join in on this journey. I am learning and expanding more and more everyday as Romance & Lace grows in its own way so stay tuned and bear with me!


Jess Xo