Small Biz Sunday

“Small Biz Sunday” will be a continued weekly posting simply dedicated to recognizing small businesses in Toronto and California. I’m not going to lie to you, I used to be one of those people that would ONLY shop at the big-chain retailers without giving local, unique businesses a chance.

All that has changed, and I’m so glad that it has. Over the past 8 months (thanks to my internship with Love by Lynzie) I have been introduced to a handful of local businesses and entrepreneurs whether it be working, sourcing or partnering that really opened my eyes to the benefits of small businesses.

Small businesses are a big deal and if you don’t support it yet you should definitely get on board. These businesses, whether it be your local coffee shop, craft store, Etsy artist or florist are fueled by passionate individuals that essentially serve as the “backbone” to your community. These businesses return more to your community by creating and providing more job opportunities than big chain retailers do, not to mention they thrive on building relationships with their customers with a personable and passionate approach.

Support the community you live in and celebrate small businesses. Shop locally and give back, it just makes sense!

The feature small business of this week is Marley & Alfie, a handcrafted style and accessories line based out of California by Cindy Tung. What started out as a strict jewelry line passion quickly catapulted into full-time career and business in May of 2014. Her line ranges anywhere from lush texturized “lucky” horseshoes to vibrant and bright pompom necklaces. I discovered her line while here in California and quickly fell in love. You can find her line in various local mercantile shops around California or her very popular Etsy page. Every piece is handcrafted with love, care and attention to detail with a very reasonable price tag. Access to her social media accounts are listed below as well as a direct link to her Etsy page.

Marley & Alfie: Marley & Alfie Website

Marlie & Alfie Etsy: Etsy Website

Instagram: @marleyandalfie

A few of my favourite pieces…