What I Learned From A Calligraphy Course //

As a wedding planner it is known that calligraphy plays a major role in the design element of ones wedding. It is the centre of most of the navigational & instructional signage, invitation suite, bar and dinner menu as well as any other decor pieces. When I first started getting into wedding planning I knew I wanted to learn calligraphy, not only for personal use but so one day I would be able to offer that service to clients. I think it is an amazing skill to have especially if you are in such a creative field like the wedding industry.

I opted to take a beginners online course from Brit + Co. called Calligraphy 101 with Lauren Essel. For those of you who don’t know who Lauren Essel is, she is pretty much a god in the calligraphy world. Based out of Texas with over 28,000 social followers Lauren has made a huge name for herself as a wedding invitation designer + calligrapher.

She is the founder of Blue Eye Brown Eye, a design studio and her work has been featured on industry leading blogs such as: Green Wedding Shoes, 100 Layer Cake, Ruffled and Wedding Chicks. The great thing about this online course is it gives you the option to either purchase the full kit with the course and have it delivered or you can go to your local arts & craft store and get the supplies yourself (I opted for this route). Once I had my supplies bought I was ready to rock & roll, or so I thought. To anyone who has ever tried to learn calligraphy, I tip my hat to you. It is an extremely challenging art form, one which takes patience, a lot of ink and blistered fingers.

After about three hours of drawing lines and letters of the alphabet I finally started to nail down the look of calligraphy. The great thing about this course is it gives you practice papers which include all the letters, numbers and words being taught which you can print out and use as a direct reference (hint: or as tracing paper).

I absolutely loved the online course but I did not love the calligraphy pen. My own personal preference after months of practicing is markers, waterbase pens and chalk markers. I find it is a lot easier to make letters flow together and you have a bit more freedom verses using a calligraphy pen and nib. Not to mention, a ton of wedding decor that incorporates calligraphy is used on chalkboards, mirrors, frames and glass so markers and chalk are definitely the way to go!

Here is a link to the exact online course I took, I hope it inspires you to do the same!

Calligraphy 101


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